Providing businesses with competitive, secure, and cost-effective payment technologies shouldn’t seem daunting. With WAVit, businesses are able to accept payments anytime, anywhere and save on processing costs.

Great Minds Think Alike

You want to offer your merchants reliable, secure, and practical payment technologies that will help them grow their business. We do, too. And, when you partner with us, you can offer them exactly that with WAVit. Our premier processing program provides merchants the payment technology to process an unlimited amount of credit card transactions for one low, fixed monthly rate.

Make More Cents

A zero fee processing program just makes sense. With support for the latest ways to pay, WAVit is the sensible and economical way to accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express transactions. Your merchants are able to keep more of the money they earn and will receive easy-to-understand, transparent monthly statements – when it comes to rates and fees, there’s nothing confusing about 0.

Many Partners,
One Vision

Our strategic partnerships allow us to offer our merchants world-class products and services, coupled with award-winning payment devices.

Working Smarter, Working Together

Learn about our reseller partnerships and work with us to bring your merchants the sophisticated payment solutions they deserve.

About 14TheMerchant Solutions

For over a decade, we’ve been the preferred payments provider of thousands of merchants – and the preferred partner of dozens of industry leaders.

Power. Full Features.

We know a product is only as good as its features, and WAVit has quite the feature set. From the flexibility and scalability of using WAVit in a variety of merchant environments to the reliability of our U.S.-based payments experts available 24/7, we’re proud to offer one of the most competitive payment technologies in the industry. Another feature? Simplicity. We can have your merchants up and running with WAVit in 24 hours.

Help Us Help You

A multitude of merchants are using WAVit – and every one has experienced the benefits that come with the simplicity and transparency of zero fee credit card processing. With WAVit, you’re able to offer your merchants a better, less expensive way to accept payments and a simpler way to get ahead.

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